5 Best Hangboards for Finger Training

Discover the best gear for strengthening your most important climbing assets. Crimp harder, pinch stronger, and keep your fingers injury free.

Ropegun Pro Tips for bouldering training

We ask our favorite pros how they approach training for bouldering, and what advice they would give to new and intermediate climbers.

5 Best Books for Learning How to Rock Climb

Ready to master all aspects of rock climbing? Read the five best books for training, overcoming fear, and being safe outside.

Free Wallpaper for Climbing Training Motivation

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How to Train for One-arm Pull-ups

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Simple, Great Climb Tracking

ropegun training log app five star rating

Helps keep your workouts in check and really helps motivate you to improve upon records. Looking forward to future updates!

Great app for tracking progress!

ropegun training log app five star rating

I’m the kind of person who never bothered with keeping a training log before (for whatever reason). This app makes it really easy. Ive been using Ropegun for about 6 months, and ever since every training session has tracked and logged. It’s honestly powerful seeing progress which helps me stick to my goals. Plus improvement can be more subtle than hitting a max grade. There are a ton of metrics this app tracks which show how you’re doing from session to session. It definitely helps in keeping me motivated.

Amazing for climbers trying to track stats

ropegun training log app five star rating

Ropegun has been great for tracking climbing stats and improvement. Excited to keep using it!