Free Wallpaper for Climbing Training Motivation

As much as we all love climbing, sometimes it can be hard to get excited and motivated to train hard. Maybe your local crag is months away from climbing season, or you are just tired of doing weighted pull-ups and pistol squats. Right now, climbing gyms are closing everywhere, national parks are shutting down, and most of the world is inside, attempting to prevent the spread of COVID-19. One of the best ways to get psyched to train during times like these is by romanticizing your goals and planning outdoor climbing trips. That's why we put together a collection of wallpaper using photos we took during our favorite climbing trips. So you can stare at the rocks you are training to climb on.

View of the eastern sierras from The Sad Boulders parking lot on Chalk Bluff Road below The Volcanic Tablelands
Looking back at the trail from the top of “Heavenly Path” in the Central Happiness area of The Happy Boulders

Bishop, California

Bishop is easily one of the most loved climbing areas in the United States, and for good reasons. There are three incredible bouldering areas all within half an hour of each other: The Buttermilks, The Happy Boulders, and The Sad Boulders.

The Buttermilks contains some of the world's best granite boulders and hardest climbs. Grandma and Grandpa Peabody alone feature multiple world-class highballs, including Lucid Dreaming (V15), The Process (V16), Ambrosia (V11), Evilution (14), Footprints (V9), and many more.

Closer to town are the other two bouldering areas with over 800 established problems combined. Both areas are dense, with hundreds of volcanic boulders featuring a wide variety of grades. The Sad Boulders mostly contain pocket-y highballs and The Happy Boulders (pictured below), is easier to navigate with better fall zones. You can also camp right below the tablelands on the banks of Owens River (in Hidden Valley Campground).

Bishop, California is also home to some of the best sport climbing in the world. Owens River Gorge is just a 30 minutes north of Bishop and contains hundreds of classic, well bolted, sport routes under 5.13. After a steep hike down to the gorge, you can follow the Owens River until you find your perfect dream project.

Free-soloist (just above the shadow) climbing Echo Rock during a winter sun set in Joshua Tree
Looking up at a Joshua Tree

Joshua Tree, California

Joshua Tree is one of the most popular National Parks in the United States and spans almost 800,000 acres. The park has a long history and is one of the original birthplaces of rock climbing. Climbing legends including Lynn Hill and John Bachar frequented Joshua Tree early in their careers, free-soloing and establishing classic bouldering problems including Planet X and So High before claiming Yosemite as their next stomping ground. The Lynn Hill and John Bachar memorial face problems are some of the best routes in the park.

Joshua Tree's unique granite rock piles create endless opportunities for trad climbing routes. And, because you can easily walk off many the formations, there are just as many opportunities for free-soloing. As one of the most iconic rock climbing meccas in the world, Joshua Tree is the ultimate destination trad climbers, free soloists, and boulderers.

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